November 2009 DXpedition to Miquelon  
*** Rescheduled from October ***

Ops - Eric KV1J, Tom W8TOM

Grid GN17       CQ Zone 5         ITU Zone 9
    DIFO FP-002
   WLOTA 1417


Next trip - October 2010


Tuesday  17 November Back home.  Logs for both calls loaded into LoTW.  Will start FP/KV1J QSL replies
this weekend.  Please be patient, it takes a couple weeks to catch up. FP/W8TOM cards on order (28 Nov).  
Please send direct QSL requests for both calls to KV1J address below (same as QRZ.COM address.)  
Buro requests can go to home calls.  eQSL files loaded.

Sunday  15 November noon - Starting to take down.   WX looks ok for evening flight back to Saint Pierre but storm 
coming later in evening.

Saturday  14 November Weather has been good all week.  Hope it holds out for our flights Sunday and Monday.
AO-51 has been fun, was on for several passes. Mostly on 80M-17M.  Nothing open above that.  Did work ZD7 on 12M
but that was all we heard above 17M.  Some 160 CW and SSB but static crashes high here from storm down the coast.
Have been on RTTY - 80M, 20M and 17M.  SB-200 amp has really helped! Now on WAE RTTY to give out some points
and mults.  Will start take down today and tomorrow. Sri, no more scheds. Plan to take a flight to Saint Pierre tomorrow

Tuesday  10 November Setup 160-80 Inverted-L in morning. beautiful day, low wind (so far!).

Sunday  8 November SteppIR Vert and Off-Center dipoles up mid day - on air. Worked a few stations on AO-51
but were out in the rain, dark and high wind so was not easy!  Satellite signals were very good.

Saturday  7 November Morning plane cancelled, still stormy.  Operated for a bit from Saint Pierre
on 20M and 17M. Took evening plane to Miquelon.  Amplifier assembled ok.  Will start setup of antennas
Sunday morning.

Friday 6 November In Saint Pierre. The evening plane to Miquelon was cancelled due to storm. Ferry not running.



Time Zone is GMT minus 3 hours
Current weather

Friday 6 November Arrive St. Pierre, evening plane to Miquelon, Setup station (delayed 1 day - storm)

Saturday  7 November Setup antennas (delayed 1 day)

Through  mid-day Sunday 15 November On the air SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 - 160M - 10M
                                                                                            Primarily SSB and RTTY
                                                                                            Generally on the highest frequency band open
                                                                                            Will try 6M if indications of openings
                                                                                            (no permission for 60M)
                                                                                            Will also try AO-51 Satellite weather permitting and if 2M/70cm mode

14 - 15 November - WAE-RTTY

     FP/KV1J 80 -10  Single-Op  Will need to shut down early to catch the Sunday evening airplane

Sunday 15 November Take down and return to Saint Pierre

Monday 16 November Fly to Halifax, drive back to Boston


Icom IC-7000

Yaesu FT-817 plus 50W amp (for AO-51 and some low power operation)

Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier (modified) (80 -10M)

laptop with N1MM logger, MMTTY, MMVARI

Tigertronics SignaLink USB

WiFi internet access



N1IW Off-Centered Fed Dipole 80M - 10M,  height = 6m
                                                       W1STT Custom 1+KW Balun - Thanks Richie!!

SteppIR Vertical  (Thanks Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF  ) 40M through 10M 

Inverted-L's for 160M  and 80M  (help from Kurt W6PH)

Arrow 146/437-10  (for AO-51)


QSL Information

Both calls direct to KV1J.  Please include self addressed envelope with return postage, or US$1, or new style IRC*
                                                                                                                *Please only new Nairobi style IRCs, Thanks.

Buro to home calls - KV1J or W8TOM

Logbook of the World, eQSL  (will load LoTW and eQSL about one week after we return)



  W8TOM and KV1J ok on QRZ.COM


October 2010 trip - FP/KV1J

March 2009 trip - FP/KV1J

July 2008 trip - FP/KV1J and FP/W1MAT




Saint Pierre & Miquelon tourism web site

Saint Pierre & Miquelon information web  

Motel de Miquelon (Maxotel)

Cheznoo.net includes webcams

NE1RD 100 Pound DXpeditions

KV1J VHF contesting from FN44


Thank you to all that have helped us prepare for this trip, especially;

Paul K9OT and Peg KB9LIE

Jean-Pierre FP5CJ  

Thanks Bruce W1CSM for donating the spare amplifier tube


Martin RF Supply


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