March 2009 DXpedition to Miquelon  

Grid GN17       CQ Zone 5         ITU Zone 9
    DIFO FP-002
   WLOTA 1417



14 March Logs loaded in LoTW and eQSL.  Will work on the large stack of direct QSLs during the next week. (Backlog was taken care of in about 1 week and answering  QSLs  the same day or next day from when they arrive.)  Thanks for all the nice cards and comments!  Had a great time!!

Wednesday 11 March Toured St. Pierre with Jean-Pierre, FP5CJ.  Took mid-day plane to Halifax.  Boston flight cancelled so flew Thursday afternoon to Boston via Ottawa

Tuesday 10 March Taking down station.  Operated a little 20M SSB while warming up.  Took evening ferry to Saint Pierre.
Note: was checking 6M every day and no sigs/beacons heard.  Did call CQ on the calling freqs.

7 -8 March Operating in the ARRL DX SSB contest.  Opening to southeast US on 15m Sunday afternoon.  Nothing heard on 10M.  Mornings were tough until mid-afternoon since all I could hear was Europe and very little USA.  160 was good Saturday night.  1185 Qs and 152 Sections.

Friday 6 March Winds are better so will put up 160M ant.  I borrowed a car battery from one of the folks here and have the 500W amp back on line.  Have a charging system. Very nice people here and helpful!!

Thursday 5 March Trying to get the 160M ant up but winds too strong right now.  80M antenna is up. Power supply for amplifier did not survive the trip so may stay at 100W.  5PM - winds still too strong for 160 antenna.  Will try tomorrow.

Wednesday 4 March Arrived in Miquelon today all ok.  Setting up now.  SteppIR Vert for 40M - 6M is up and working ok.  Should get 80M up today and 160 tomorrow morning.  Will be on some tonight.

Tuesday 3 March In Halifax and about to get on the plane to St. Pierre.  No ferries from St Pierre to Miquelon today anyway, due to the rough seas. Plan to take the morning ferry and setup during the day Wednesday.

Monday 2 March In Halifax.  Today's flight to St. Pierre was cancelled.  Rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon (3 March).
May not arrive in St Pierre in time for afternoon ferry to Miquelon.  Also, the seas are rough and the ferry may get delayed.
Working with FP5CJ on alternatives to get to Miquelon.

Installing radials for the 40-6 M SteppIR Vertical when the wind died down a bit.


The Motel de Miquelon in winter                                                                                                        Ten wind turbines providing power for the Amp!!



Time Zone is GMT minus 3 hours (after 7 March = minus 2 hours)
Current weather

Monday 2 March Arrive St. Pierre from Halifax  **** delayed, flight to SPM cancelled

Wednesday 4 March Ferry to Miquelon  **Delayed from Tuesday dues to rough seas.  This worked out for me since I was delayed getting to St. Pierre anyway.

Wednesday 4 March through Monday 9 March On the air SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 - 160M - 6M
                                                                                            Generally on the highest frequency band open
                                                                                            (no permission for 60M)

7 - 8 March - ARRL DX SSB Contest

     FP/KV1J 500 watts, 160 -10  (SOAB High)

Tuesday 10 March Take down and return to Saint Pierre


Icom IC-7000 (100 W)

Ameritron ALS-500M Amplifier (~4-500 W)

MFJ 994 Tuner

laptop with N1MM logger, MMTTY

Tigertronics SignaLink USB

WiFi internet access



N1IW Off-Centered Fed Dipole 80M - 10M,  height = 6m
                                                       W1STT Custom 1+KW Balun - Thanks Richie!!

PAR-6 Moxon for 6M up 6m

SteppIR Vertical  (Thanks Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF  ) 40M through 10M 

Inverted-L for 160M   (will put up last)


QSL Information

Direct to home call.  Please include self addressed envelope with return postage, US$1, 1 Euro, or new style IRC*.  
                                                                            *as of 1 Oct 2009 please only new Nairobi style IRCs, Thanks

Buro to home call.

Logbook of the World, eQSL  





Next trip - November 2009

July 2008 trip - FP/KV1J and FP/W1MAT




Saint Pierre & Miquelon tourism web site

Saint Pierre & Miquelon information web  

Motel de Miquelon (Maxotel)

Cheznoo.net includes webcams

NE1RD 100 Pound DXpeditions

KV1J VHF contesting from FN44


Thank you to all that have helped us prepare for this trip, especially;

Paul K9OT and Peg KB9LIE

Jean-Pierre FP5CJ

Scott NE1RD  

Mike N1IW

Chuck KO1I

Kurt W6PH


Last page update -16 Oct 2009 - KV1J       kv1j (at) arrl (dot) net