July 2013 DXpedition to Miquelon  

Op - Eric KV1J

Grid GN17       CQ Zone 5         ITU Zone 9
    DIFO FP-002
   WLOTA 1417

** I support the DX Code of Conduct **

Please read the Code http://www.dx-code.org/ and use it as your
guide to help keep DXing fun. 



6 July - On Miquelon and most of the setup is finished. Worked a few stations on 6M last night as I set up a quick antenna in the dark. Usually on 50.113. HF and 6M beams are hand rotated so I need to go outside to rotate. On the DL-DX-RTTY contest part time but bands seem quiet this morning.

9 July - Concentrating on the higher frequency bands. Some openings on 12M and 10M. 6 meters opened over the weekend but quiet now. I check 6M often. WX has been very nice. I have a 160 ant but I will only raise it for a few hours in the evenings as it uses the beam antenna pole for support.

12 July - Bands quiet during the week. Some good openings. 6M opening are a bit rare up here but some luck last night and today. Loading to LoTW every day or so. Will load satellite QSOs and eQSL after I return home. Nice to work Hector CO6CBF on SO-50 satellite. Will be on for the IARU Saturday and Sunday so no skeds.

16 July - Now QRT. Thanks for all the QSOs and for you patience during the QSB! Will be in Saint Pierre tonight. Might get on for a few minutes tonight also to check 6 meters but just with a dipole. No internet until back in USA.

Schedule 2013

Time Zone is GMT minus 2 hours (during daylight savings time)
Current weather

Friday  5 July Arrive St. Pierre  Take evening boat to Miquelon.

Saturday 6 July    Setup antennas.

Through  mid-day Tuesday 16 July On the air SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 - 160M - 6M
                                                                          Primarily SSB, and
                                                                          Generally on the highest frequency band open.
                                                                          Will be checking 6M for indications of openings

13 - 14 July - IARU HF

     FP/KV1J 160 -10  Single-Op (with packet) - Mixed  Mode - High Power (500 Watts)

Tuesday 16 July  Take down and return to Saint Pierre

Wednesday 17 July Fly to Halifax, drive back to Boston



Elecraft K3

Yaesu FT-817  (for satellites)

Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier (modified) (80 -10M)

laptop with N1MM logger, MMTTY

Tigertronics SignaLink USB

WiFi internet access

N6BV Propagation Prediction



N1IW Off-Centered Fed Dipole 80M - 10M,  height = 7m 
                                                       W1STT Custom 1+KW Balun - Thanks Richie!!

N6BT Q-52   2 element beam 20-17-15-12-10M (just using 1 element) up 4 meters

6 Meter 3 element yagi up 5 meters

Armstrong rotor!

160M inverted-L

Arrow 146/437-10  (for sats)


QSL Information

FP/KV1J - 

Direct to KV1J.  Please include self addressed envelope with return postage, or US$1, or new style IRC*
                                                                                            *Please only Nairobi style IRCs or the newly issued style, Thanks.

Buro to home call - KV1J

Logbook of the World, eQSL  (will load LoTW and eQSL about one week after I return)



 KV1J is ok on QRZ.COM


Previous  FP/KV1J trips



Saint Pierre & Miquelon tourism web site

Cheznoo.net includes webcams


Thank you to all that have helped me prepare for this trip, especially;

Paul K9OT and Peg KB9LIE

Jean-Pierre FP5CJ  


Martin RF Supply


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