February/March 2015 DXpedition to Miquelon  

Op - Eric KV1J

Grid GN17       CQ Zone 5         ITU Zone 9
    DIFO FP-002
   WLOTA 1417

** I support the DX Code of Conduct **

Please read the Code http://www.dx-code.org/ and use it as your
guide to help keep DXing fun. 



- 25 February - Arrived Miquelon all ok. Got a dipole up before dark so on the air tonight. Very high winds and blowing snow so some noise issues as antenna blows in the wind. When have both daylight and lower winds will put up more antennas. Please no more new sched requests. Hard to operate and answer emails. hi hi Will load to LoTW at the end of each operating day. Will also be working on equipment maintenance. Amplifier may not be ready for a couple days.

- 1 March - Bands in good shape in the beginning. 12M and 10M are quiet now. Amplifier is repaired.

- 4 March - Bands improving. Installed Q-52 this morning since winds were better. Only 1 element and not rotatable.

- 9 March - Contest was fun. Thanks for all the Qs! Starting to take down some today since the WX is good. Still have the dipole up. Leave for Saint Pierre tomorrow afternoon.

Schedule 2015

Time Zone is GMT minus 3 hours (winter time)
Current weather

Wednesday 25 February Arrive St. Pierre  Take evening plane to Miquelon.

Thursday 26 February    Setup antennas, station.

28 February - 1 March    NAQP RTTY Contest,  May also get on CQ 160 SSB Contest

Through  mid-day Tuesday 10 March On the air SSB, CW, RTTY - 160M - 10M
                                                                          Primarily SSB, and
                                                                          Generally on the highest frequency band open favoring 12M and 10M.
                                                                          Will be checking 6M for indications of openings

 I will not be operating satellites this trip since it is not a good time of the year to be outside!                                                                 

7 - 8 March - ARRL SSB DX Contest

     FP/KV1J 160 -10  Single-Op Assisted - High Power (500 Watts)

Tuesday 10 March  Take down and return to Saint Pierre

Wednesday 11 March Fly to Saint John's Newfoundland then Boston



Elecraft K3

Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier (modified) (80 -10M)

laptop with N1MM logger, MMTTY

Tigertronics SignaLink USB

WiFi internet access

N6BV Propagation Prediction



N1IW Off-Centered Fed Dipole 80M - 10M,  height = 6m   (with 160M extentions)
                                                       W1STT Custom 1+KW Balun - Thanks Richie!!

N6BT Q-52   2 element beam 20-17-15-12-10M  up 6 meters - Just using one element in winter configuration.

6 Meter 3 element yagi up 4.5 meters if six show signs of openings and  weather cooperates

Antennas are "Armstrong" rotated


QSL Information

Direct to KV1J.  Please include self addressed envelope with return postage, or US$1, or new style IRC*
                                                                                            *Please only latest style IRCs,  Thanks.

Buro to home call - KV1J

Logbook of the World, eQSL  (will load LoTW about every night and eQSL about one week after I return)

QSL Printer - Mr. QSL


 KV1J is ok on QRZ.COM


Previous  FP/KV1J trips



Saint Pierre & Miquelon tourism web site

Cheznoo.net includes webcams


Thank you to all that have helped me prepare for this trip, especially;

Paul K9OT and Peg KB9LIE


Jean-Pierre FP5CJ  


Martin RF Supply


Last page update - 11 March 2015 - KV1J       kv1j (at) arrl (dot) net